Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday Night Lights

It was a spectacular night in Southeast Michigan to catch an exciting high school football game and get to watch an awesome marching band perform for the homecoming crowd at halftime.  Just a few years ago my son was quarterback of the team, now he is a college student with a part time job as assistant coach.  Go Dragons.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chicago's Bril Barrett in HuffPo and the Studio..

Nice article about Bril Barrett in HuffPo today.
This Man Has Mad Rhythm, And His Love For Tap Dancing And Community Speaks Volumes

Bril is a great guy, an amazing tap dancer, a friend to everyone he meets a real leader and an inspiration to many.  I've known him for a few years thanks to my daughter's love for tap dancing.   

Bril was in Detroit a couple weeks ago for the Motor City Tapfest where he taught classes to rooms full of tappers young and old in the Old Main Building at Wayne State and he showed off his M.A.D.D. rhythm skills during improv sessions and while performing at the Motor City Soles show at Orchestra Hall last Saturday evening.

Old Main on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan
Bril and Molly in Chicago in August 2014
So I thought I would post a couple videos. The first is from a choreography session at the Harold Washington Community Center in Chicago a couple years ago.


And here is Molly performing that solo for the instructors at the Motor City Tapfest a couple weeks ago. Bril is sitting in the front row.   This was the first time Bril saw Molly perform the solo he taught her.

Molly's Solo at Motor City Tapfest

I hope a lot of good things happen for Bril and his family and his M.A.D.D Rhythms tap crew.   

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tap Improv from earlier today.

I haven't blogged in a while but Pathteacher will reach 50,000 page views tonight, so I figured I would stop by and drop in with something new.  Many thanks to all the people from around the who have stumbled across here for no particular reason and stayed to wade through some of the 300 or so posts I left back when I did this for a hobby.

Here is clip is Molly and three of her buddies from a tap class at Slide in Los Angeles earlier today doing some improv after class.  Love! the spirit.

Tap improv session at Slide in LA on 07/24/14

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Found in the attic: 1983 World Trade Center Brochure

I found this in the garage attic earlier today in a box full of folders and notebooks from my freshman year in College back in 1983.  Some friends and I went to Manhattan for Spring Break and during our stay there we made it to the World Trade Center for a tour.  This brochure brings back some good memories but it's also like a punch in the gut.  I just thought I would share it for everyone who might be interested, especially those who weren't lucky enough to have a chance to see the Twin Towers when they stood majestically over South Manhattan.  

1983 World Trade Center Visitor Guide Brochure 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Food fight,

I once started a food fight in a high school cafeteria. All it took was a Hunt's Snack Pack chocolate pudding cup and a plastic spoon. I used the spoon as a catapult to launch a dollop of the pudding toward the general direction of whoever was sitting at the whichever table I aimed the dollop toward.  Then I recall sneaking away as the volleys of counterattacks and counter-counterattacks flew back and forth and lunch ladies intervened and classmates were rounded up for  violations of the student conduct code.

And long after I walk away from this place, I'd like to think maybe I helped start or at least helped fuel some of the conflict between the left and the right and better yet between the right and the even further right.

Only in a heated disagreement do most people say what they really think.  Make that happen on purpose and then listen and learn.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Found in an abandoned storage unit. Japanese War Drum

I happened to come into possession of this thing recently. I believe it is a traditional Japanese War Drum that was customized with the addition of exquisitely detailed dragons and the Samurai symbol.  Out there is someone who would really like to have this. If they give me $1,000,000 for it I will donate it to stopping the disaster at Fukushima from destroying the planet.       

Update: 05/02/2014

It isn't a Japanese war drum .  It is a Korean Yong Go drum.  like this one.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

On the Run

My daughter is one of the dancers in this number. It placed first overall at the VIP Dance Competition in Toledo Ohio in April 2013.  If you are not familiar with amateur dance at the very highest level, this is a great example.

On The Run.