Friday, April 15, 2016

Detroit House Music Mix Pt II

The longer you listen the more you get why Detroit House Music is a thing.  I've lived here my whole life and never knew this was going on while it was happening. Belleville High is maybe 10 miles from here. I give you this musical artwork assembled by Gregors Soundhome..

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stained Glass Window at Sweetest Heart of Mary Cathedral in Detroit

A large stained glass window at the Sweetest Heart of Mary Cathedral in Detroit.  When you visit Detroit, you need to see this wonderful stunning place, the largest Catholic church in Detroit and the most impressive Gothic Revival style church anywhere, dedicated in 1893 to the Polish American Community in Detroit.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Walking Straight Up Harper

Not to make fun about the crimes that the suspect committed or how he escaped, but the 911 call is bound to crack you up as much as it did me.

Remarkable 911 Call led Police to escaped prisoner who was walking STRAIGHT UP HARPER! DON'T NOBODY WALK UP HARPER!"

Now I know this area pretty well, the near East side of Detroit.  I worked at a factory along I-94 in Detroit for some 15 years. Harper Blvd. kind of sorta follows I-94 from Detroit near Mt. Elliot to Harper Woods near 15 Mile Rd.

So when I heard this 911 call I knew I'd have to go for a stroll straight up Harper so I could say I've done what don't nobody does.

I love my city! Don't be scared of Detroit.  

Walking straight up Harper on 2/19/2016.  photo by Shelly Sute 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The GOP/NRA/Michigan Teabillies want you to know lead poisoning is no big deal.

Gun nuts want you to know there are liberal "myths" about lead poisoning 

Perhaps this sort of bought-and-paid-for willful ignorance is why Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his Teabilly legislature were totally blindsided by the water crisis in Flint.
Apparently in the mind of the conservative, lead poisoning is no big deal but even if it is real we can blame it all on leaded paint and gasoline that were banned decades ago by the pesky EPA that they want to eliminate ASAP for making all those unnecessary regulations.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Listen to your voice mails people..

My last voice mail from Tina..

She killed herself later that night. I didn't know about this message until I checked my voice mails after I got the news.  She was going through a really tough time in her life.  We spent a lot of time on the phone very occasionally with me listening to her vent about how horrible she had been treated by her ex-husband a local doctor of questionable character who somehow managed to use his money and influence to make it a crime for her to even visit with her three young children in the days leading up to her committing suicide. I had known Tina since 1st grade at Christ the Good Shepherd in Lincoln Park, Michigan .   RIP for you Tina, but not yet for those of us who could have done more to help you.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Gulf Stream, the Psychrometric Chart and Megastorms.

First the story about the abrupt changes now being observed in the Gulf Stream, the prevailing ocean current that has traditionally moved surface water from the tropical areas in the Atlantic ocean northward along the eastern coast of the USA, and into the North Atlantic ocean where it helps heat Northern Europe.   

Abrupt Change and the Decades-Long Time Frame: Greenland and the Gulf Stream
"...The theory is that freshwater melt from ice floats on salty sea water and creates a blockage in the warm northward flowing waters of the Gulf Stream. When the Gulf Stream shuts down, winter cold freezes the north Atlantic allowing cold air to penetrate much farther south, which has a reverberating cooling effect around the globe."
This point is backed up in the blue area shown in the North Atlantic.  The blue area is where ice is melting, leaving the surface water cooler as a result from the loss of ocean water circulation.

 Next, the Psychrometric Chart showing the relationships between air temperature, relative humidity, amount of water vapor absorbed, and total energy of air under the full range of variation.


What brings these two together?  If the prevailing Atlantic ocean current commonly known as the Gulf Stream is truly being disrupted as recent evidence suggests than it would mean that more of the sun's energy that lands in equatorial regions of the Atlantic area would have to migrate toward cooler areas away from the equator as heat energy stored in molecules of air traveling in the wind instead of as heat energy stored in water molecules within the ocean currents.

When heat travels in the ocean currents, the warmed water delivers heat in a northerly direction along the coastline. Regional wind patterns pick up the heat from the oceans and distribute the energy.

When the heat energy travels in the wind, the energy exists as a combination of an elevated temperature of the air and the amount of water vapor absorbed into the air. Hot humid air transfers more energy than cold dry air.  And according to the Psychrometric chart, we can make two basic predictions about the future weather patterns we will see if the Gulf Stream is indeed disrupted.  I am not proposing a theory as much as simply interpreting what the chart shows in plain sight.

1) Warmer air can absorb exponentially more water vapor than cooler air.
2) Warm humid air has a lower density than cold dry air. As air cools, it shrinks.

This means that in the seemingly random locations where  warm humid air masses collide with cold air masses, there will be relatively larger amounts of snow or rain. and the resulting drop in barometric pressure will continue to pull in more surrounding air and source of precipitation.

It's a double-whammy. Higher average temperatures resulting from increased human activity not only lead to an increase in the amount of water vapor carried away from the equator region in the wind, the disruption in the Gulf Stream further increases the amount of water vapor carried away from the equator region in the wind.  And all that extra absorbed water vapor has to fall out of the sky eventually.

So the megastorms are the new normal.