Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garage borns.. Two plump kittens and a cute little runt.

So a few weeks back in May on the day that some kooks were predicting Armageddon was going to commence, a stray cat snuck her litter of three kittens into a back corner of our garage. We heard something back there mewing when we came back from our post Armageddon dinner at the IHOP. Momma cat is a really friendly and outgoing sort, the breed is Norwegian Forest Cat. The markings make her look kind of like a raccoon. Two of the kittens are fat and healthy, the third one is the cliche "runt of the litter" less than half the size of her brother and sister.

My dear wife has adopted the tiny one and has been feeding it with a little kitten baby bottle every few hours. The other two are getting plenty to eat and don't need extra help. They've all been checked by the vet and are doing well. We'll have to keep them all together for a couple more months before we decide which to keep and give away the others. My money is on the runt, little Gracie.

They're still living in the garage but have since moved into somewhat finer digs than the cluttered back corner.  Its been interesting watching them grow these last few weeks.  I've never owned a cat, and it's not clear how our two dogs will adjust if one moves in.  But if those dogs mess with that cute little Gracie, the wrath of momma cat will be the least  of their worries.

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