Friday, June 3, 2011

Debt ceiling deniers = Ignorance divided by zero.

Yeah it was real funny when they dressed up like Paul Reveremade racist jokes and threatened to bring their guns next time. But now the schtick is past the expiration date and it's not funny any more.     Geithner to GOP: Raise debt limit or 'lights out' 
WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made an appeal Thursday to House Republican freshmen, a group of lawmakers skeptical of his warning that a failure by Congress to raise the nation's borrowing limit would have grim financial and economic consequences.
...However, some of the 87 House GOP freshmen, a staunchly conservative and strong-willed group, have publicly questioned Geithner's warnings. Dubbed by some as debt-ceiling "deniers," they doubt a failure to lift the borrowing cap would force a default or lead to unpredictable results in financial markets, as Geithner has argued. 
Why wouldn't the right wing of the GOP deny economic science? They deny all kinds of science whenever it doesn't align with their formed opinions or blind faith.  Now, normally when they cling to ignorance it doesn't endanger the rest of us but this time it's different.  Anyone who doesn't understand that our economy and entire society depend on a viable form of currency shouldn't be in Washington making policy, but there they are making threats about letting the dollar default just so they can say "We told you so!"  At some point it would be refreshing to see them put the Country first and not their Tea Party. 

Hopefully the kids in Washington will quit playing chicken on their bikes and get to work on a real plan to prevent default by cutting government waste and growing the economy instead of just shrink wrapping it for the trash heap.

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