Thursday, December 30, 2010

Electric 6 Tonight at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit

Because my people need a place to gooooooo!

The more difficult a problem seems the simpler its solution will be.

Thats my basic theory for everything.  No problem is so large it can't be solved, but the larger the problem is, the simpler its solution will have to be in order to be implemented.  Complicated fixes are doomed to glitches and the law of unforseen consequences. The simple solution feeds itself and refines itself even further. It won't need constant oversight and tweeking by experts just soil, water and sunshine.  It eliminates problems because they just melt away to nothing.   

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How has the internet changed us, part 1,206.

For whatever reason whatever is happening out there is more important or fun than whatever is happening in here.  People end up sitting next to each other in near total silence having online conversations with other people who are somewhere else.  I think it is potentially very good for relationships.  You can be together and sit next to each other in the same room yet carry on conversations with other people that you like to talk to but would most likely not go hang out with on a typical night. Or ever.  What could go wrong?

Inspired by Emily Dickinson.

Painted by a tortured soul
canvas covered empty hole.
Facing down another day
out of focus faded gray.

Darkness slowly filled the space 
Sunlight banished from her face. 
Comfort longed for never sought
solitude and drifting thought.

Once so close eluded clutch
never came along as much.
Sealed inside an amber jewel  
safe and unemotional.

Woken by a thunderstorm
frozen watercolors warm.
Capturing the beauty there
inspiration from despair.