Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Detroit July 2017 random pics

Just a few pictures from a weekend around Detroit.

La Posada on Springwells near Vernor.  Grocery plus Taquiera.  Amazing food
Parson and asada versions of quesadilla and taco are awesome. The green pepper sauce should come in gallon jugs  
This is just a small sample of  the wide variety of fresh baked goods at Sheila's on Springwells near Vernor. This is where you go in Detroit for the real deal Tres Leches cake

Heidelberg project so weird its funny in a pretentious creepy way.

More Heidelberg project American Pickers would buy this car as-is.

More Heidelberg project. IDK what to say about this

Pipe organ at Sweetest heart of Mary Cathedral, perhaps the most awe inspiring building in the city. 

Beacon Park Grand Opening Detroit gets new green space where everyone can wonder what was here before? 

Taqueria El Rey notice the attached Bud Light shed/kitchen. Go here to eat. Soon. 

Shrimp tostada, asada taco, parson quesadilla. Its all delish and 100% legit, you will feel like you are in the coolest dive taquieria in the world because you are.