Sunday, December 11, 2011

Road Warriors: Wayne State headed to Div 2 National Championship

The Wayne State University football team won their 4th road playoff game in a row yesterday, earning a trip to the Division II National Championship game in Florence Alabama next Saturday.  Congratulations to the team from my Alma Mater in Detroit.  Road Warriors: Wayne State headed to Division II National Championship

This year was the first time Wayne State has reached the playoffs, voted in as the GLIAC entrant, even though Hillsdale won the conference title.  They were on the road and underdogs in all four playoff games so far.  It has been an amazing run and it is almost unbelievable we are one game away from a National Championship.

"When I recruited a lot of these guys, I told them that we would compete for a national championship," said coach Paul Winters. "Now they can see that everything has come together. We're going to play for a national championship."

Wayne was never very good in football as far back as I can remember.   Oddly enough there was a fellow engineering student and lab partner of mine from back in 1983, a guy named Paul Butcher, turned out to be a good pro football player, (maybe the only one from Wayne?) for the Raiders and Lions but year after year our teams were mediocre at best in the very tough GLIAC conference.  However under coach Paul Winters, the football program has really flourished and Wayne has started to attract some great talent primarily from Michigan and Ohio high schools.

I think the 24 team tournament system in Division II is superior to the BCS system for determining the Div IA National Championship.   Especially when a 6 seed goes on the road to beat a 3,2,1 and another 1 seed on their way to the final game.   Imagine the excitement that would build if the big schools could figure out a way to use a system like this.  Holy cow it would be incredible.

Go Tartars! Warriors!  Detroit loves a parade..

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