Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is why I say Disney should manage National Park Operations

I have posted before that the Federal Government should consider licensing the operation of some of our  National Parks to corporate firms like Disney. Not only would it help reduce the budget deficit, it would improve the environmental stewardship of the parks and  it would improve the convenience and quality of the experience for visitors who come from around the country and from around the world to view the spectacular scenery firsthand.

And then this story happens.. 
At Yosemite, a virus waiting to happen

At Glacier Point, on which thousands of tourists converge, there were “out of order” signs posted on the majority of the pit toilets — one assumes because of extreme filth. It had only a single, hard-to-find spigot for hand-washing, despite the fact that food was served and there were picnic tables.
The shuttle buses provided by the park were a fraction of what was needed to accommodate the guests, but the signage to various sites was so inadequate that one could not easily walk.
My final view of the park’s Yosemite Valley section was of its main restroom, which was so disgustingly dirty that I snapped a photo to send to the park superintendent...

This story convinces me more that the American Government should consider establishing strategic partnerships with American corporations (like Disney but others would be welcome to bid) to manage the day to day operations involved with taking care of the mass transportation, lodging, feeding, educating, entertaining and selling souvenirs to the thousands of tourists who flock to our parks every day.  This is not core business for a government unit that primarily attracts college graduates with Forestry degrees. 

Of course the Government would still own the property and oversee the operations to make sure the land was being cared for properly, but the non-core operations would be turned over to professionals.  

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