Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Complimentary breakfast with a side order of hate.

So I have been in Arlington Texas since last Friday on assignment for work.  I picked Hawthorn Suites for a hotel because it seemed like a decent place in a good location at a good price.  And oh by the way, there is the much coveted complimentary breakfast offered to all the guests.. mmm. Can you say scrambled eggs, sausage patties, toast, and OJ for free?  I'm in dude! 

Except for one minor detail.  At the Hawthorn Suites Arlington Hotel, your breakfast comes with a side order of Fox News AM blasting on the TV in the breakfast room, every fucking day.  For those of you unfamiliar with Fox News at 6:00 AM, it is pretty much the TV version of the comments section at Free Republic.   One story after another of how Obama is Hitler.. No, strike that, it's worse than that, he is actually Satan.. And by the way, so is Diane Feinstein. and so is that liberal unionized teacher from the Blue State up north, and hey there, did you see how AWESOME Sarah Palin was at CPAC!  Boy she really gave it to Satan er.... Hitler er .. Obama!

So me being the non-morning person who also happens to be an ex-Republican who has already had it up to here with the Fox News propaganda salad shooter, I ate my breakfast in peace shaking my head at the bold willful ignorance on display in HD.  So I stop at the lobby on the way out and ask them if they really need to show politics at breakfast, like can't you guys put on ESPN or the History Channel?  I really just want to eat breakfast without the political BS.  The guy says oh sure!  I'll take care of that!

So the next day, its the same thing at breakfast.  Texas zombies all in a room not speaking to each other, chowing down on the free breakfast while the same Fox News crew dumps one story after another about how horrible Obama is blah blah blah.. So I see the same guy at the desk on my way out and I'm like Dude? you're still blasting the same Fox News bullshit in the breakfast room..  He seemed surprised this time, ORLY??

Next day, which was yesterday, same thing.  More Obama hate at 6:00 AM.  I walk out and see the same guy and I'm like Really?? More of that crap in the breakfast room?  He seemed surprised yet again..  No kidding?? well I'll go change the channel right now!

No thanks guy.  I'll just go to McDonalds and pay $5 for breakfast and eat my oatmeal in peace without the side order of bullshit from Fox News.

I sent a terse comment to the Hawthorn Suites home page that because it is apparently corporate policy to blast Fox News in the room that serves the complimentary breakfast then I'll just stay at a different hotel next time I come to town.  A few hours later I got a conciliatory call from the manager who seemed surprised that anyone would complain about being subjected to Fox News and how he would let me pick whatever channel I wanted to watch tomorrow morning.  Ha. No thanks Tex.   I hope it ruined his day to be told by the corporate office that a customer actually took a couple minutes of time online to complain about being force-fed right wing propaganda as the main course for breakfast.


  1. Same way I feel about CNN and MSNBC

  2. You could of asked the desk to change the channel. They will respond to requests from the customers

  3. No hotel should promote left wing or right wing politics. Some of the customers might like it but others will hate it. Just let all of them all have their breakfast in a non-divisive environment. That's all I asked for the first two days and nothing happened. Why would someone even ask the third day? That would be silly.

  4. To the person who is leaving anonymous posts asking personal questions, I would direct you to read through the 300+ posts here for your answer. If you have any courage you would leave your name instead of posting anonymously.

  5. It wasn't the politics that bothered you at breakfast, it likely was the fact that it wasn't your version of politics you wanted to hear. It is sad when enlightened people are the first to silence others. From a Republic Democracy to a ruler of One... you made the decision of what is best for everyone........ scary.

  6. No I disagree completely and your perspective gets to the heart of the problem. First, politics do not belong in this sort of setting where there is a captive audience of strangers from various opinions forced to sit together and listen, especially not the caustic brand of politics that Fox News dishes out disguised as "news". Secondly, your assumption that what I really wanted was a different cable channel with the opposite perspective was a projection of the tribalism that has so completely infected the right.
    And that is why Fox News is so popular to the right wing. The true believers of conservatism need to tune in every day to find out what they are supposed to be enraged about that day.

    1. Right. I'm sure if MSNBC was on your comments would have never been written. Go to a Blue state expect to be immersed in their political viewpoints, go to a Red state and expect the same. Only difference is the leftists want to stifle other viewpoints. It has been this way throughout history and continues today. We only need to look at proposed legislation to silence conservative viewpoints .... or your comments as an example. Notice that vitriol and antagonistic comments came from your response, not my reply. Time to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Your form of Liberalism = Hate

    2. I stand by what I said. Partisan politics don't belong in a place of business where the customers are forced to be exposed to one-sided diatribes. Your projecting your own opinion onto other people. If you want to debate, I am 71LesPaul on Twitter. If you want to start your own blog, feel free to do that as well.