Sunday, February 8, 2015

Don't blame us, We ASS-U-ME 'd it was Bipartisan.

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi had this to say about the invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from John Boehner to address Congress. Reuters: Israeli official suggests Boehner misled Netanyahu on Congress speech
(Reuters) - A senior Israeli official suggested on Friday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been misled into thinking an invitation to address the U.S. Congress on Iran next month was fully supported by the Democrats.
Netanyahu was invited by the Republican speaker of the house, John Boehner, to address Congress on March 3, an invitation Boehner originally described as bipartisan.
The move angered the White House, which is upset about the event coming two weeks before Israeli elections and that Netanyahu, who has a testy relationship with Democratic President Barack Obama, is expected to be critical of U.S. policy on Iran.
"It appears that the speaker of Congress made a move, in which we trusted, but which it ultimately became clear was a one sided move and not a move by both sides," Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi told 102 FM Tel Aviv Radio on Friday.

The interviewer asked if that meant Netanyahu had been "misled" into believing Boehner's invitation was bipartisan, a characterization Hanegbi did not contest.
Really? What in the history of the last 6 years of American history would indicate to anyone with either basic cable or AM radio that there would be bipartisan support for anything at all involving John Boehner?   But surely they must have believed Boehner at his word because they didn't even check with the State Department. So much for Israeli Intelligence. The dog ate their homework.

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