Monday, February 22, 2016

Walking Straight Up Harper

Not to make fun about the crimes that the suspect committed or how he escaped, but the 911 call is bound to crack you up as much as it did me.

Remarkable 911 Call led Police to escaped prisoner who was walking STRAIGHT UP HARPER! DON'T NOBODY WALK UP HARPER!"

Now I know this area pretty well, the near East side of Detroit.  I worked at a factory along I-94 in Detroit for some 15 years. Harper Blvd. kind of sorta follows I-94 from Detroit near Mt. Elliot to Harper Woods near 15 Mile Rd.

So when I heard this 911 call I knew I'd have to go for a stroll straight up Harper so I could say I've done what don't nobody does.

I love my city! Don't be scared of Detroit.  

Walking straight up Harper on 2/19/2016.  photo by Shelly Sute 

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