Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hank Williams, the greatest influence on American music

Hank Williams,  Long Gone Lonesome Blues

I grew up in the 70's listening to classic rock before anyone called it classic rock.  I never ever listened to country music by choice.  It wasn't until I was about 40 that a good friend Ted introduced me to Hank Williams music.  It took a bit to adjust to the twangy voice and the steel guitars (not long though..) but the more I listened, the more I liked it.  Hank had an amazing but too short career, I think he was the first American pop music star and one of America's most important songwriters ever.  His influence on so much music and so many musicians over the last 60 years is undeniable.  You know him even if you don't think you do.  For your listening pleasure, I give you one of my favorite Hank songs,  Long Gone Lonesome Blues...       

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