Monday, January 17, 2011

One more way to waste time and annoy people nearby..

Nothing takes me back to 1979 like a game of Asteroids, Lord knows I dumped a ton of quarters into the Asteroids machine at the Big Boys by my house.  So this free online version was a great find.   The jagged rocks and fragments hurling through  space in all directions are enough of a hazard, but the flying saucers firing "lasers" in your general direction make it just about impossible to survive for long.   The electric symphony of the shots being fired, the thruster, rocks exploding, the flying saucer alarm.. it still draws me in like a buglight.  Apparently to others in the room, the game sounds mixed with the mad typing on the space bar and arrow keys are highly annoying.  Which is nice when you want to be highly annoying.  
Mathematically, they dreamt up an interesting time space continuum for the asteroids 2D universe.  When you leave one side of the page, you immedicately arrive at the other side. The geometry gets even trickier when you drive off the page on an angle near a corner. String theory I kinda get, but the Asteroids 2D universe isn't even plausible!      

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