Sunday, February 27, 2011

U-G-L-Y You aint got no alibi. Shocking mug shots reveal toll of drug abuse.

Multnomah Oregon mug shots reveal how drug use will make you uglier,  or maybe the message is you'll be too poor to afford to buy makeup.   

OK, I saw this story yesterday, and I think this is a revolting idea for an anti-drug promotion.  Shocking mug shots reveal toll of drug abuse.  

Its a series of comparisons of two mug shots of the same person, some taken months apart, some taken years apart. The point is to show how drug use accelerates aging and turns you into a butt-ugly, grotesque, toothless, leathery skinned, busted up, acne-ridden loser of a freak show. I bet the guys back at the station had a quite a hoot sifting through all the drug offender mug shots looking for the worst cases of ugliness.

If these were prisoners at Gitmo it would be a violation of the Geneva Convention to wave them around in the media or for propaganda purposes. But hey, these are just some ugly druggie losers in the system, who gives a crap about them? Besides, we did it for the kids. Nice job Deputy Bret King of Multnomah County, Ore. You get the Jerk of the Week award.

Hey why stop there? Why not search for some prisoners who died from lung cancer to scare the kids away from smoking. While you're at it, you could locate a few prisoners dying from AIDS to scare kids away from unprotected sex and sharing needles too. What a treasure trove of free material the Deputy has stumbled across here. No need to worry about signed release forms from these people, heck they're all just lowlife drug offenders anyways. Besides, we did it for the kids.

I think this campaign is disgusting and should be pulled. The Deputy should quit surfing the prisoner database looking for ugly people and go back to doing his real job whatever that might be.

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