Thursday, February 10, 2011

The evolution of a theocracy

I cringe every time I hear about someone promoting intelligent design as an alternate theory to evolutionary science.  Intelligent design isn't science, its anti-science.  Its a political strategy to force public school science teachers to "respect an establishment of religion" and teach that the scientists might be wrong about evolution and a creator designed it all this way instead.

Some people on the fringe subscribe to the belief that the Bible is a literal, historical account of the story of creation on Earth.  To them, any sort of evolutionary science (or geology or paleontology for that matter) contradicts their religion.  But more than just young earth creationists have joined the political battle for ID in the science classroom.  This issue has had a broad appeal among conservative voters because they have bought into the lie that evolutionary science is hostile to the concept of God and explains how life began on Earth without God.

There is a common false notion that in order to subscribe to evolutionary science you have to be an atheist and reject the notion of God altogether.  Misled believers band together in legal maneuvers that promote anti-science ID in school in order to defend their God.  Odd concept there, a God that needs to be defended in Court.           

A bit of pertinent information..  The part of evolutionary science that deals with the origin of life is highly speculative and not on the same standing as the science regarding how life adapted and the species evolved.  None of the various theories for origin of life (abiogenesis) can demonstrate the chemical processes that might have occurred in the primordial environment to create even the simplest  life forms.  Perhaps future scientists will complete the puzzle and develop a plausible explanation for abiogenesis, but as for now, there is no good explanation, just several poor ones.

Even if a viable theory for abiogenesis on earth emerges, it can't prove there is no God.  And of course, neither can believers prove there is a God.  So this is an argument that can never be won by either side.  Its not so much a useful debate as a tribal shouting match.

I think some basic education on this matter would clear up all or most of the conflict.  You don't have to accept one and reject the other.  Its equally untenable to be certain there is a God as it is to be certain there is none.  So keep your faith or lack thereof to yourself and let the scientists continue discovering and analyzing and educating without fear of political reprisals from the religious folks with sensitive egos.

Besides, Jesus never told anyone to strive for ignorance or defend it.

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