Thursday, March 3, 2011

Because the Constitution didn't mention airplanes

John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society wrote a memo in the new Talking Points magazine in which he agreed with the "no" vote from US Senator Rand Paul (KY) on a measure in the Senate that sought to make a federal crime out of pointing a laser at an airplane.  These two agree that this should be a state matter, not a federal matter and McManus tries to back up that stance with a quote from James Madison, the Father of the Constitution himself.

Let me boil down the Bircher logic: Federal powers are specifically defined in the Constitution and because the Constitution never defined any federal powers regarding airplane safety, then the issue is reserved for the states, as per the 10th Amendment.  Case closed, Goodnight now. ... err  something like that anyway. 

To me its clearly an interstate commerce issue and potentially a national security issue when someone on the ground is aiming a laser at an airplane cockpit.  Rand Paul's "no" vote when 96 of his Senate colleagues voted "yes" is a prime example of an egomaniac playing the part of Horatio the Hornblower.. The resolution is going to pass anyways, so I might as well use this opportunity to draw attention to myself and my ignorance of the Constitution by casting a no vote. Hey Everyone! look at me!

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