Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some products you can't buy.. yet. .

OK a few ideas for products that no one makes yet..

1) The electric hybrid all terrain vehicle.  The ATV that doubles as the power generator for the camp.  Then, when you go out into the woods before dawn to set up to hunt, you ride along the trail in electric mode instead of announcing to every critter within a few miles of your arrival like every other ATV on the market,

2) Circus peanuts that taste like Juicy Fruit gum.  Hello?  Why can't I buy these yet?

3) Light bulbs that turn themselves off.  A light bulb with a small built-in timer for 10, 20, 30 .. minutes that turns the light off automatically after the set time.  To get the light back on you'd have to cycle power at the switch and reset the timer.

4) Socks with a snap fastener so you could match up the pair before putting them in the laundry.

5) Misfortune Cookies.  A bag of what appears to be normal Fortune Cookies, but these have all grim and depressing messages.  Good gimmick gift..

6)  The Chuckie Doll butcher block kitchen knife holder. Oh you know someone who would want this on their counter top. 

7) The refrigerated pillow.  If your pillow stayed cool, you could save money on AC for the house at night.

8) The car with 5-point seat belts.  Why not offer this as an option?

9) Nitrogen bottle tire filling stations for gas stations instead of coin-operated compressors.  Easier to maintain, faster to use, and customers would pay a premium to use it.

10)  The dollar store stick-on remote location device.  One transmitter affixes to the TV remote, the other attaches to the TV.  When you can't find the remote, you press a button and the lost remote beeps.
OK, there are a few.  I could make lots of lists like this..  ha

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