Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday music selection.. Kings X, "It's Love"

I remember hearing this song the first time on WRIF radio in Detroit thinking who ARE these guys?  Thick distorted hard rock sound, shredding guitar leads, with impressive, dare I say almost Beatle-ish vocal harmonies.. Woah.  King's X.  Three great musicians making a wall of sound with their instruments and their voices.  I was a big King's X fan back in the late '80's.  Went with some buddies to see them a couple times at a local rock bar called The Ritz in Roseville.  They were a great live band especially if you liked it loud.   I occasionally slide one of their CD's in the changer and jam on the way to and from work.  They still sound fresh and distinct.  No one ever could copy their sound or blend of talent.

This was the big song, from their CD "Faith, Hope, Love"  Whats the greatest of these you might ask?  hmmm. It's Love, of course. 

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