Friday, September 16, 2011

‘Bill Belichick: A Football Life’

Here are my favorite moments from the first hour of 'Bill Belichick: A Football Life' that debutted on the NFL Network last night.   They wired Belichick for sound and video throughout the Patriots 2009 training camp and season and NFL Films has gone though hundreds of hours of film to have enough background material to weave a tale that tells the whole story of the guy in the hoodie with V Rings, which happens to be the name of his fishing boat. 

So, in no particular order.
  • When the Jets scored on the very plays Belichick warned his coaches about the night before.
  • When he told a trash talking Derrick Mason "f* you Mason, have you looked at the scoreboard?"
  • The emotional pregame visit to the empty Meadowlands locker room and the Big Tuna stories.
  • When he sarcastically told Wesley Welker "Way to compete.." after the Lou Gehrig story fell flat.
  • When he played catch with his son.

If the first show was any indication, this series is going to be great.  I highly recommend paying the few extra bucks a month to Comcast for the NFL Network if for no other reason than being able to watch it.  This is how a five-time championship coach prepares his team, conducts himself, and treats other people.  We can all learn.

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