Sunday, September 25, 2011

Court smacks down lawyer for writing unintelligible gibberish.

Wow, how convoluted and unintelligible must a legal document be to actually get the lawyer who wrote it in trouble with the judges who had to read it.  I mean, its so bad the Court might just take away the guy's license.    
7th Circuit Slaps Lawyer for 345-Word Sentence and Briefs Full of ‘Gibberish’
Lawyer Walter Maksym was “unable to file an intelligible complaint,” despite three tries given him by the trial court, according to the opinion by the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. “Each iteration of the complaint was generally incomprehensible and riddled with errors, making it impossible for the defendants to know what wrongs they were accused of committing,” the appeals court said. In addition, “Maksym’s appellate briefing is woefully deficient, raising serious concerns about his competence to practice before this court,” the court added...

Here is one example of Maksym's writing provided by the court: 
The plaintiff and concert goers "were stunned on the day of the family-oriented event, when an even more menacing law enforcement presence was created when [the sheriff's] armed deputies, without prior consent or permission, warrant or probable cause, arrived, not a part of any agreement and a surprise and upset when it arrive, uninvited, on and entered and trespassed on Plaintiff property with drug-sniffing ‘K-9’ dogs, obviously and unfortunate that Defendants were ‘looking for trouble’ where there was none as distinct from 'looking to serve.' "
Wow, it sounds like someone was taking dictation of a drunk, angry person rambling. I can't wait to read his response to the Court.

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