Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt has a hissy fit, lashes at media for pointing out his creepiness.

It isn't a secret that Newt Gingrich has been carrying around lots of baggage ever since the Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings in early 1999 during which Newt resigned as speaker of the House.  After all, it wasn't going to help the GOP sell their case to the public against President Clinton when their own Speaker of the House was cheating on his wife as well.  A memory refresher from Wikipedia
Gingrich also acknowledged cheating on Ginther while leading the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton for allegations of perjury involving the Paula Jones sexual harassment civil case and the president's affair with Monica Lewinsky...

Speaker Newt Gingrich, announced the end of his candidacy for Speaker and his resignation from Congress from the floor of the house after his own marital infidelity came to light..
Fast forward to now.. Tonight at the GOP presidential candidate debate in South Carolina, Newt had a hissy fit when the debate moderator John King asked him if he would like to respond to allegations from his second wife Marianne that Gingrich had asked her to agree to an "open" marriage, as in just accept that he had a Mistress, shut up and move on.  Yikes!  That sure as hell aint gonna fly in the Bible belt, or in any other belt for that matter.  So Newt did the only thing he could do as a political candidate, which is lash out at the media.

A defiant Gingrich said “the story is false” and lashed out at what he described as “the destructive, vicious, negative nature” of the media.  
“Every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things,” Gingrich said. “To take an ex-wife and make it, two days before the primary, a significant question for a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine.”  

 We know that Gingrich had already dumped his first wife.  He discussed the divorce with her while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery.
Gingrich married his second wife, Marianne Ginther, months after he divorced Battley in 1981. According to Battley, Gingrich discussed divorce terms with her while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery.
"There are things in my own life that I have gotten on my knees and turned to God and prayed about," Gingrich said.
Oh, please spare us all the nonsense about getting down on your knees and praying Newt.  But as for the new allegations about the open marriage, lets go back to see what Newt said about the breakup of his second marriage at the time.  Also from the same Wikipedia link..
The couple "went through a very difficult time," Gingrich said. "We had a big difference about public life."
Finally Marianne spoke up and explained just what he meant when he said the two had a big difference about "public life".  Here is probably how the conversation went.  Look, If you make a big deal about the affair, the press will find out and then I'll have to quit my job so just keep quiet and I won't dump you and everyone stays happy. k?      

I think Newt's confrontational angry response was a tell that the allegation was true. That and the rest of his adult life, other than the times he was kneeling down praying of course nail him as a dishonest creep and a hypocrite.  The ride is almost over Newt.  Your bus stop is coming up soon. 


Here is another great example of Newt running his mouth and saying ridiculous stupid shit about his political foes, snipped from this 2007 story.   Gingrich Admits to Affair During Clinton Impreachment  

In 1994, Gingrich linked Democrats to Susan Smith, a woman who had murdered her two children in 1991. 
"I think that the mother killing the two children in South Carolina vividly reminds every American how sick the society is getting and how much we need to change things," he said. "The only way you get change is to vote Republican."

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