Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Public service announcement: Beware of fish flavored tea.

I am a proud coffee drinker.  I drink a pot or more every day.  Black of course, no cream, no sugar, God gave it all the flavor it needs.  Oh and if you are the kid filling the cup at McDonald's it better be up to the line or I will hand it back to you and tell you to fill it up.  This happens about half the time.  It must be in their handbook to stay 1/2" below the line or people will burn their hands and sue!

But anyways, I was feeling a bit under the weather today so I passed on the cup of coffee at the Canteen area at the office today and selected a flavored tea from the hundred or more available flavors.   This is the flavor that grabbed my eye..

Bursting with flavor, this caffeine-free herb tea provides a momentary break from the busy day.  Best of all, it effectively delivers Omega 3, shown to support heart health.  Now while you're enjoying the uplifting aroma and blended flavors of pomegranate and the hint of blueberry, you'll be sipping your way to a healthier you.
Mmmm, now doesn't that label make it look and sound tasty?  And it Supports Heart Health too!  What's not to love?  

Well, quick word of caution here. It doesn't taste as good as the label indicates. In fact it smells and tastes like a fish head was soaking in a cup of hot water just for you.  Turns out the Omega 3 comes from the second ingredient listed on the package... Tuna oil.  I took one sip and said  "Holy crap, this shit tastes awful, OMG Ima gonna hurl.. "and then dumped it out in the sink.

People, what the hell is wrong with the world today?  Who is the genius that dreamt up fish-flavored tea?  Why doesn't it warn people on the label?  It should be frank.   Caution: Pomegranate Blueberry Tuna Flavor.  Actually, they could just leave out the Pomegranate and Blueberry.  The only taste that registers at all is stinky fish.

Note to self,  stick with the black coffee next time.

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