Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rush Limbaugh jumps off the ledge..

Rush Limbaugh has been painting himself into a corner for years now and his work is finally done.  His fat ass is stuck between the tub and the toilet in the upstairs bathroom with paint still dripping from his roller and nowhere left to go.   Shackled to his own words like a muskrat's leg to a steel trap in Ted Nugent's backyard.  He's done like a hot dog on the rollers at the 7-11 at 3 am.  He's stinking up the place like fish in the microwave.  It couldn't happen to a more deserving jerk.

I think this could mark the beginning of the end for his nationally syndicated show.  When the point of Rush's show is to help the radio station sell ads in this Obama economy why would they pay a premium for an insulting narcissistic jerk to spew out stupid shit that chases off advertisers.   Heck, they could get lots of people to do that for free.  Rush, you ignorant slur.

Good luck in your next job. Not.   Hopefully this marks the beginning of the end of Rush and his nationally syndicated political attacktivism.  Oh he'll probably find work down at the scratchy end of the AM dial with Alex Jones and Don Black.

None of his foes could make Rush Limbaugh look any worse than he can do quite well just by explaining himself.  Keep on trucking Rush.   

In wake of latest controversy, Quicken Loans pulls ads from Rush Limbaugh's radio show

 Rush Limbaugh Advertisers Pull Commercials In Wake Of Sandra Fluke 'Slut' Firestorm

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