Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mitt Romney, privileged bully since the age of 18.

The Christian Science Monitor asks..  Does it matter if Mitt Romney was a bully in high school?

Does it matter if Mitt Romney misbehaved in high school? That question arises due to a report in Thursday’s Washington Post that when he was a senior at suburban Detroit’s Cranbrook school, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee led a “posse” that held down and forcibly cut the long blond hair of a nonconformist junior.
“He can’t look like that. That’s wrong. Just look at him!” an incensed Mitt said at the time, according to fellow student Matthew Friedemann, quoted in the Post.
Mr. Romney himself said Thursday that he cannot remember the incident. The longhaired student in question, John Lauber, is now deceased. But Romney gave some legs to the story by apologizing repeatedly for any pranks he may have pulled in high school that hurt or offended his fellows.
My answer to the question raised in the headline? Yes it matters. It matters a lot that Mitt Romney was a bully in high school.

Mitt wasn't just your average bully with a chip on his shoulder and a toadie by his side. 18 year old Mitt was the privileged son of the Michigan Governor at the time and his high school was Cranbrook, a school for the super elite rich kids in suburban Detroit.

And for context, read from this book to learn more about Mitt's role model growing up, his father George Romney.  The Romney Riddle by Gerald O. Plas  

"The governor is a self-righteous, fiercely ambitious man with a bad temper and a messianic sense of destiny."  Friendlier critic, Richard E. Cross, former board chairman of American Motors, comments that Romney believes "the Lord meant him to be a leader, and he has a sacred obligation to do it."

In story after story in this book, George Romney is shown to be an egomaniac, a manipulator, a liar, a political opportunist and a man driven by blind ambition for political power. George Romney was a bully.

So it's not a huge surprise to find out that Mitt was a bully as well. A super-privileged rich kid raised to believe that the rules are for other people and that words and opinions should be whatever they need to be to whoever is listening in order to advance your position.

The acorn didn't fall all that far from the tree. So yes, CSM, it does matter.  The personality traits that drove Mitt Romney to be a bully at age 18 are still there.  You might even say it's in his DNA.

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