Saturday, June 9, 2012

A pair of badass amps..

This is my Music Man 212 guitar amplifier that I bought used in 1980 from a cool guy named Roger Bach who played in a local Detroit area bar band called Springwells.   Not sure exactly what year it was made but I guess 1978.  Roger said the Music Man was just too heavy to lug around to gigs.  The tubes and analog reverb give the Music Man a classic sound that just can't be reproduced with circuit boards. .   

Music Man 212  

And this is the brand new Marshall guitar amp that my buddy Fred just bought with some of the overtime cash he's been squirrelling  away.  Way badass.  I didn't know Marshall still made tube amps.  It sounds incredible. Friday nights in Dearborn Heights just got a bit louder.   

Marshall JVM

(Thanks to Gina Valentino for taking the photos and e-mailing them to me.)

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