Thursday, June 14, 2012

Repath: Religion, politics, and the A-word.

This is a post I wrote last June.  Religion, politics and the a* word.
(BTW, the a* stands for abortion.)

The questions this post raises will make people feel uncomfortable and maybe even mad, so use with caution.  Here is an excerpt..

So, here is the conundrum for religious/political opposition to abortion rights. If a child who was aborted is a martyr destined for eternity in heaven, then why should we put them on a detour and force their unwilling mothers to bring them into the Earth where they undergo the difficult trials of life after which there is a very good chance they will end up in a much hotter place for all of eternity. Jesus used this phrase when asked how to pray. "Lead us not into temptation". Life presents temptations. And in the Gospels Jesus pointed out a number of times that your life on Earth is worth nothing compared to what God has planned for you in heaven.

And here are a few other Pathteacher posts where I stand in the intersection of religion and politics.  I don't tend to shy away from confronting loud mouths who claim to be representing and defending God.  Note to foolish men. The creator of heaven and earth doesn't need you to defend him in court.

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