Monday, January 28, 2013

Depraved gun nuts heckle grieving parent at Connecticut hearing

The right wing loves to hate Fred Phelps and the parishioners from his fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas for travelling around the country to heckle and protest at funerals of American soldiers who were killed in combat.  In Fred's twisted point of view, God is extracting revenge on the military and American soldiers because the military has officially ended the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy that made being gay in the military a taboo. The specter of haters protesting at a funeral in front of grieving family members and friends is sickening and revolting to anyone with a sense of decency and a functional conscience.

So when I read this story earlier today it made me realize how close the mainstream gun nuts really are to the Fred Phelps extremism.  These disgusting jerks actually heckled a parent of child who was murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre during a hearing in the Connecticut legislature while he calmly pleaded for some common sense reforms to prevent more incidents like this one.

Connecticut Post: Father of Newtown victim heckled at hearing

Neil Heslin, of Shelton, holds a portrait of himself and his son, Jesse Lewis, one of the children killed in the Sandy Hook School shooting, during testimony before the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Monday, January 28, 2012.Photo: Brian A. Pounds | Buy This Photo

"The Second Amendment!" was shouted a couple of times by as many as a dozen gun enthusiasts in the meeting room as Neil Heslin, holding a photo of his slain 6-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, asked why Bushmaster assault-style weapons are allowed to be sold in the state.
"There are a lot of things that should be changed to prevent what happened," said Heslin, who said he grew up using guns and was undisturbed by the interruption of his testimony.
"That wasn't just a killing, it was a massacre," said Heslin, who recalled dropping off his son at Sandy Hook Elementary school shortly before Lanza opened fire. "I just hope some good can come out of this."
The Gun Nuts are just like Fred Phelps.  The only difference is the flavor of the extremism. Actually, the gun nuts who heckled a grieving parent are even more despicable than Fred Phelps and his band of haters.  Adults who voluntarily enlisted in the military knew beforehand all of the risks involved.   On the other hand, parents who dropped off their 7 year old children at Sandy Hook Elementary school could have never imagined the horror waiting for their children and their families thanks to the tireless efforts by the NRA to increase gun sales and gun manufacturers' profits at any cost.

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