Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fjordman in 2006 and 2007.. From the archives..

One of the far-right anti-jihad bloggers who was admired and often cited by Norwegian mass murderer suspect Anders Behring Breivik was a person who goes/went by the web nickname Fjordman. I mentioned in an earlier post that I knew well of Fjordman from time spent in the threads at the website Little Green Footballs.

I looked up some old LGF archives from 2006 and 2007 in which Fjordman was pushing his Supremacist agenda in a web community he felt comfortable discussing his separation and deportation strategy for Muslims in Europe. Early on he got cudos and agreement from posters (at times, including me) for what read like a scholarly chronicling of the long and infamous history of Islam not coexisting with Western civilization. He was a veritable encyclopedia of obscure European history both distant and recent on the subject. That was just the hook. Over time he was exposed as a supremacist whose proposed solution to prevent the infamous history from repeating itself was the immediate end to Muslim immigration into Europe, physical separation of Muslim and traditional European populations, expulsion of all Muslims (legal citizen or not) who sponsored Sharia law, etc, less there be some eventual internal conflagration when Europeans finally wake up and revolt against the invaders and the result will be indistinguishable from genocide.  Fjordman only pushes this agenda to protect the European Muslim community you know.  Geert out while you still can.

Essentially, Fjordman's pitch was neo-nationalism. It didn't take long for the community and LGF proprietor Charles Johnson to see what Fjordman was proposing beneath thousands of words in support of of his foregone conclusion and expel it unequivicobly. It led to a quick and stunning rift between LGF and the anti-jihad blogger community. LGF was scorned by most if not all of the right wing blogs for being too concerned about screening potential shipmates instead of just accepting all applicants in the fight against Islamic radicalism. Fjordman, Gellar, Spencer.. All prominent anti-jihad bloggers that used to post at LGF all eventually flushed out for hawking craziness at a site where crazy don't fly. (On a side-note, I was right there poking at Spencer about his admiration for Fjordman when he finally had enough criticism from a rabble of nobodies and spectacularly flounced at LGF, thank you very much..)

Here are some screen shots of posts from LGF threads from back then that give a flavor of the discussion. I am not cherry picking comments to prove an incorrect point. Fjordman proposed craziness, some people agreed, some people didn't. This wasn't the end of Fjordman at LGF, nor the beginning of the end. But it was the end of the beginning. Some famous Euro not Fjordman once said something like that../

No Fjordman certainly didn't want to get the thread all creepy bringing up genocide as an alternative for Europe.  Of course not.  These were pulled from another thread in that time frame where Fjordman also identifies radical feminism as an enemy of Western civilization.

And here is one I found from another thread...  I was done with the guy by then. 

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