Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway massacre and the anti-jihad movement

My prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of the dual massacres in Norway yesterday and with all of the people of Norway who must try to make some sense of this and hopefully find a way to prevent future similar incidents.   Shooting at children?  What kind of sick depraved mind could ever go there?  I can't imagine the horror and I didn't want to look at a single picture.  The words were enough. A part of the story that creeps me out personally is that the killer allegedly was a devotee of a website called "The Gates Of Vienna" and in particular of a blogger who contributed at GOV and goes by the moniker Fjordman.

Back in the day, I pored over every thread and posted a lot of comments at the website Little Green Footballs. And I knew Fjordman as well as anyone there because I actually read his boring ass super verbose feel like you've already read that paragraph several times before 10,000 word essay/novels. And whichever meandering route a Fjordman essay took it always ended up at the same place. Europe must rid itself of Islam and Muslims. He promoted ethnic cleansing of Europe via mass deportations of millions of people. He defended his neo-Nationalism with what seems at first an intellectual discussion but eventually becomes evident as just wordy obfuscation of his supremacist agenda.  

 I might have been the first to openly mock his 10,000 word steaming piles of shit essays in the threads at LGF.  He refused to acknowledge any criticisms, especially the ones from Skoal dipping Budweiser swilling Americans.  Here is one screenshot from the archives from October 2007 that kind of sums up what I thought about the allegedly super intelligent Fjordman back then. 

The spinning anti-jihad bloggers will claim they never promote violence. But they have and still do admire Fjordman and he promotes ethnic cleansing through mass deportations and there is no way to actually accomplish that without lots of violence. Duh.  Oh no, we would never promote violence. We just want to see all the Muslims peacefully rounded up and shipped out. That shows some real clear thinking there no?

Europe has a problem with the far-right supremacists.  Officially the politicians distance themselves from the far right and try to pretend they are only a very small fringe of radicals.  But this Tweet from the suspect Anders Behring Breivik speaks volumes..  
On July 17 he posted his only Twitter comment, a quote by the British philosopher John Stuart Mill, “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests”, he wrote. 
 And with people like Fjordman around to fill the minds of lunatics with reasons to hate, it only takes a very small fringe of people who will act on that hate to wreak havoc on an entire Nation. 

More here on the connection between Anders Behring Breivik and the anti-jihad bloggers.  In short, several people have claimed to be Fjordman, so while Breivik may have publicly claimed to be Fjordman, it's doubtful that he actually was the guy behind the blog.   Its an "I am Spartacus" moment for the anti-jihad movement.  

Update 2:
Norwegian blogger Oyvint Strommen spells ot the connections between Breivik and Fjordman here.
Not sure where I should bring this up, but our own Fjordman is about to awarded the third most regarded/influential European anti-Jihad/anti-multicult[uralist]/anti-Marxist intellectual/blogger. After Gates of Vienna (No. 1) and New English review (No. 2). Surprisingly, Fjordman might even beat the Brussels Journal! In other words. Those who have yet to read Fjordman’s book “Defeating Eurabia” have been sleeping in class. I know it’s hard to be a prophet in one’s own country, but this exceeds all expectations! Congratulations, Fjordman!
Indeed.  Congratulations Fjordman.  Someone actually read something you wrote all the way though and liked it so much it really changed their life.


  1. Would have made more sense to go to the root of the problem. Not kill your own country Men & Woman & Children.

    He should have taken his battle to the radical in their own country...

    Just saying

  2. I don't think making more sense is high on the to-do list for deranged serial killer nutjobs like Breivik.

    He perceived his biggest enemies to be Norwegian politicians who in his eyes were enabling the "Muslim problem" to propagate in Norway. My opinion is that he didn't consider the Norwegian Muslims as his direct enemy because in his supremacist viewpoint, the other isn't even worthy of enemy status.