Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NYC Copasetic Boat Ride Tap Improv

We took the Copasetic Boat Ride around Manhattan last week on the evening of July 5th as part of the Tap City summer intensive program for tappers of all ages from around the USA and the world.  It was a nice relaxing 3-hour cruise around the island on a beautiful NYC Summer night with the instructors, dancers and their families and friends. Late in the evening some of the professional tappers took turns in an improv circle with the band playing some smooth jazz to back up the syncopated rhythm from the dancers. Chloe Arnold and Jason Samuels Smith are featured in this clip. Jason showed off some lightning quick silver footwork without even spilling his drink.   Very cool.

Here is another clip I uploaded. 

 It was so cool to watch so many awesome tappers take turns in the improv circle, all building on what the last one did and showing off their own tricks. The gentleman with the straw hat watching from the chair is Tont Waag from the American Tap Dance Foundation. Very cool guy, he was the host and emcee.  The ATDF is all about honoring the history of tap while it keeps pushing the envelope by promoting events like this one.   

One more..  This one features the incredible Michelle Dorrance.  "Hey Hey!"   By now the circle was getting crowded making the filming a bit more challenging.

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