Friday, November 9, 2012

A few pictures from Port Elizabeth South Africa.

I am in Port Elizabeth South Africa for a couple weeks.  If not for the opportunity to come here for a work assignment, I would likely never venture this far from home back in lovely Michigan, USA.  I had heard this was a nice place but I had no idea of the breathtaking rugged beauty along the coastline.  

Port Elizabeth, located at the bottom of the African continent is an industrial city with quite a few factories and a large shipping port.  The factory I am working at has a diverse workforce that is motivated, friendly, and very good at what they do.  I am here to help along with a co-worker from the office in Bangalore India to troubleshoot some facility and production issues and do some specialized training with the process engineering team.   The days have been long, but very productive so far.  We really haven't done any sight-seeing other than what you could see form the car window on the ways to and from the plant.  So it goes when you are an "expert", whatever the hell that word means.

Here are some pictures from Port Elizabeth.  After this weekend there will be more.  We actually get a day off Sunday so the plan is to visit some National Parks and go way off the beaten path.   More to follow..


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