Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The enemy of economic growth is..

Just what is the enemy of economic growth?  

Is it high taxes?  Public debt?  Lack of education?  Too many Government regulations?

There are plenty of theories just as there are plenty of politicians who all claim to know which buttons to press and which knobs to turn that will create economic growth and prosperity for all.   However, there is only one correct answer and out of the goodness in my heart and my deep seated desire to see mankind and human civilization survive and thrive for a very long time, I will share it with everyone now.  

The enemy of economic growth is wasted consumption of limited resources.    

The slogan "drill baby drill" and all of its relative theories are thus patently ignorant for a long-term strategy for our society or any other.   Contrary to what the GOP and conservatives have told the members of their  adoring base, the USA cannot base economic growth on continuously increasing the supply of oil or any other limited resource.  Eventually, it will become impossible to increase the rate by which the available supply of any limited resource can be increased by any means.  Numbers are not required for this explanation, the shape of the curve is enough.  Basing economic growth on increased consumption of resources is a temporary fix at the very best, and more likely a high speed crash into the wall very soon.

The best strategy for economic growth is to conserve limited resources and to eventually eliminate reliance on consumption of limited resources altogether and focus instead on sustainability, recycling, waste elimination and ingenuity.  

Any other plan is doomed to fail, period.  What the politicians who promote those plans that are doomed to fail aren't telling you is that they really don't give two shits what happens long-term to our Nation and our civilization after their own lives are over in a couple or few decades from now. 

They can only see as far as the next election cycle.  And that is why they need to be swept from power.    


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