Sunday, December 16, 2012

Assault weapons, mental illness and lame excuses

Well I finally found the quote that sums up how stupid and morally decrepit the gun lobby has become.
Robert Crook, head of the Hartford- based Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen dropped this quote in response to the mass murder of 26 people including 20 small children.  link.. 

“We already have a lot of good gun laws on the books,” Crook said. “You can’t control people who have never done anything wrong before and then just go off the deep end.”   

That's not what happened in Newtown.  With Nancy and Adam Lanza, there was a toxic mix and none of it was much of a secret in town.   She was preparing for doomsday warfare by stockpiling assault weapons, ammunition and 30-round clips, and he was a very troubled young man with a long history of mental illness, erratic behavior, and temper tantrums.

This incident was preventable.  Nancy Lanza was extremely irresponsible as a gun owner.  If she could not prevent her son from somehow gaining access to the weapons in the house then they should have been stored somewhere else.

The pro-gun people should be the first ones to be pointing out why this event resulted from unsafe weapon handling and how everyone can learn from it.   Instead of taking part in a rational debate on this subject and helping find ways to reduce the possibility that people with mental illness will gain access to assault weapons they have decided to turn into Mickey the Dope and go with the "Who coulda saw that coming?" excuse.  Despicable.


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