Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Gun Bill Rick Snyder vetoed

Last week on the last day of the 2012 lame duck Tea Party Michigan legislature, Senate Bill No. 59 written by ALEC interns paid with US taxpayer subsidies passed along with about 50 other Bills and was sent to Governor Rick Snyder's desk for the obligatory rubber stamp.  But then hours later, a suicidal psychopath committed mass murder at an elementary school in Connecticut using the assault rifle he stole from his mom after he killed her.  So unfortunately for the gun nuts, Rick Snyder had to veto the Bill he would have surely signed otherwise.  That Bill rolled around the committee for over a year getting tweaked and retweaked dozens of times.  They didn't pass it in the last minute without knowing it was destined to be signed.    

Here is the steaming turd that Rick Snyder was forced to veto due to the poor timing of Adam Lanza's rampage.   Read through this saga of GOP inspired legalspeak gobbleygook and remind me again which Party always bitches about how the US already has a gazillion too many gun laws and why it is silly to write any more new ones.

Enrolled Senate Bill No. 59.

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