Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Happy Day in NYC

We road tripped to NYC so we could see Another Happy Day on the big screen at Village East Cinema yesterday night. It is a dark compelling movie with an all star cast featuring stellar performances by Ellen Barkin, Ellen Bursytn, Ezra Miller, Kate Bosworth and George Kennedy (my order..) And I would also include Jeffrey DeMunn who had the whole theater laughing out loud several times with some much needed comic relief from the disturbing storylines that weaved through the film.

The movie is allegedly about a wedding, but the wedding is just the excuse for this highly dysfunctional family to get together in close quarters where the sport is to tear down Lynn (Ellen Barkin) and gossip about her son Elliot (Ezra Miller). Everyone is shitty to her but Lynn just soldiers on through it all. Themes include drug addiction, asperger's syndrome, domestic abuse, self mutilation, alzheimers disease, alcoholism, nudism, catfights, and explicit profanity. The film is unrated and probably not destined for mass distribution at the box office but I recommend seeing it when it arrives. Oh, and take some eye bleach. You'll thank me later for that. Cudos to director Sam Levinson for such a memorable and provocative first film. I hope Ellen Barkin is recognized with an Oscar nomination for her role. 

As an extra bonus for our trip, Sam Levinson and Ellen Barkin made an appearance and answered questions from the opening night crowd after the movie was finished. Then we got to hang out at have some words with them in the lobby of the Village East Cinema. We haven't seen Ellen or Sam since the movie was filmed in MI last September.   Also, actor Daniel Yelsky who played Barken's son Ben in the film was there looking quite the handsome young man.   Ellen seemed really happy to see Molly show up from out of the blue. 

Here are a few pictures..

And here is a clip of Sam answering a question about an unflattering review in the NY Post.  He is not interested in making comfortable films.  Mission accomplished.

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