Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Committee FAIL

OK, first I move to officially change the name from Super Committee to Typical Committee.  They had so much power to effect real change and all they did was sit there in their pee pants and give up.  So instead we get some kind of random number generator to figure out how to cut the deficit.  All this highly paid elected brainpower and a staff of thousands more highly paid assistants and this is all we get?  "We give up.  Let HAL figure it out ".   

We might as well replace all of Congress with a room full of interns at Google to use game software like Sim City to figure out budget decisions for the USA.  The algorithm will run a kazillion separate simulation runs testing every potential decision and determine the eventual impact on society and then we will just agree to go with the decisions that should screw things up the least.  And save a shit ton of cash for taxpayers.

Oh enough of me ranting.  Lonely Island's turn.    

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