Sunday, November 13, 2011

Work accident at Iranian munitions depot.. or was it?

Interesting series of stories..
17 killed in massive explosions at munitions depot near Tehran
TEHRAN – Seventeen personnel of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps were killed by two huge explosions that occurred on Saturday at an IRGC munitions depot near the town of Malard in Alborz Province, about 30 kilometers west of Tehran.

“Seventeen official servicemen of the Sepah (IRGC) were martyred due to explosions which occurred during the transportation of ammunition,” the director of the IRGC public relations office told the Mehr News Agency. 
Sounds like a really high death toll for explosions that ocurred during the transportation of ammunition.  The Iranian dissident group MEK is claiming that the depot was actually a missile site.   Iran exile group claims blast near Tehran hit closely guarded missile base
Former MEK spokesman Alireza Jafarzadeh, citing what he called reliable sources inside Iran, said that the explosion hit the Modarres Garrison of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps west of Tehran.

Jafarzadeh said in an email that the Modarres Garrison belongs to the IGRC’s missile unit and the blasts “resulted from the explosion of IRGC missiles.” He did not say what he believes triggered the explosion.
Just a couple days ago Iran was making threats to Israel about how far their missiles could reach into Israeli territory.    Senior Commander: Israel's Dimona N. Center within Iran's Missile Range 
Responding to a question about Iran's capability to target Dimona nuclear facility in the occupied Palestinian territories, Iranian Armed Forces Deputy Chief of Staff for Cultural Affairs and Defense Publicity Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri told Al Alam News Network that the center "is the most accessible center to Iran", and stressed that Iran enjoys the capability even to target areas farther the nuclear plant.
And there have been stories about how the Iranians have been getting some help with their nuclear and missile programs  from the North Koreans so its not out of the question that they would either have or be close to that technology.  Source: Hundreds of NK nuclear and missile experts working in Iran   
Hundreds of North Korean nuclear and missile experts have been collaborating with their Iranian counterparts in more than 10 locations across the Islamic state, a diplomatic source said Sunday.

The revelation lends credence to long-held suspicions that North Korea was helping Iran with a secret nuclear and missile program.
I doubt that this was just a work accident at a munitions depot. I also doubt that the Iranians would ever admit that their prized missile installation was successfully attacked.  I think it just could be a quiet demonstration of terrorizing the terrorists.

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