Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Halftime in America. Pride in Detroit.

I don't care what any of the political hacks say about Chrysler's Super Bowl "Halftime in America" ad, I think it was awesome, an instant classic.  As a guy who grew up here, went to college here, is raising a family here and spent my whole career so far here in the car business, the ad invoked pride, gave me chills and almost choked me up.  All I can say is wow.  This country needs a pep talk and Clint delivered.   He spoke with strength and conviction.  You can't help but join in for a moment of pride in your country.  It exuded a fierce new patriotism, this time we're going to kick the world's ass in our factories.  You thought we were dead and gone?  Not so fast junior.     

For the record, I wrote a post last May about data that indicated Detroit and the automobile industry would be taking a leadership role in pulling the American economy out of the great recession, so I wasn't surprised to hear Clint Eastwood make that case.   Pathteacher: Is Detroit Leading the Recovery    

I think the Conservative pundits like Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh who spoke out against the ad suffer from acute political paranoia. Everywhere they look they see more evidence of a nefarious plot being waged against them from the Left.  Why can't they drop the tribal warfare for just a two minutes and celebrate some good news with their fellow Americans, even if they're from Detroit.   The bailouts worked just as planned and they likely saved the American economy from spiraling into total meltdown. Deal with it.  Heck, be happy about it even.  

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