Sunday, February 12, 2012

White Nationalism and the new GOP

Wow, the GOP sure has fallen far and fast into radicalism.  This is precisely the far right influence that ex-Republicans like me could see coming with the mainstreaming of the John Birch Society hiding beneath the Tea Party banner into the GOP.

The American Conservative Union held its yearly 3-day conference in DC featuring appearances and speeches by the Who's Who list of Conservatives this week including Presidential candidates, Senators, Representatives, Governors, and a long list of conservative media stars. Here is the itinerary for the cruise through the Tea Party Lovefest.     CPAC 2012 Schedule of Events     

And here is the little nugget from page 3 of the Schedule. Of course it's not in bold font, so its not one of the official events. Yeah right. 

Nice. Peter Brimelow founder of on the stage addressing the movers and shakers and wannabes in the GOP.  Its not a huge secret that VDARE = white nationalism.  Here is a bit from the Southern Poverty Law Center about Brimelow and VDARE.
 BackgroundFounded in 1999 by anti-immigrant activist and author Peter Brimelow, the Center for American Unity has served to promote the work of white supremacists, anti-Semites and others on the radical right. This is most obvious in, which the foundation started in 1999 and funded until 2007.
I hope the Birchers, Tea Baggers, GOPers, and White Nationalists enjoyed their 3 days of cohabitating in the same conference rooms, all of them looking around at each other saying, geeze, who let those freaks in here. 

If this is the GOP in 2012, Obama can start working on his 2nd inaugural address. Heck, Hillary can start working on hers for 2016.   

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