Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I bought this on eBay just because..

I bought this piece of artwork in an eBay auction a few years back around the time of the cartoon controvery in Europe.  Back then I was really into the threads at Little Green Footballs and knew all about the controversy that erupted around the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.  Out of curiosity I went digging around eBay just to see if there would be any images of Mohammed for sale, seeing as that was allegedly forbidden.  Sure enough I came across this one.   A photogravure reproduction printed in 1889 still in perfect condition.  I think it set me back about $40.

This piece of art is safe here.  If someone else had outbid me for it, there is no telling what fate it may have seen in the swirling of that controversy. 
Mohammed at Mecca, by Andreas Muller, late 19th century; this is a photogravure reproduction printed in 1889; the original is in the Maximilianeum Gallery, Munich.

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