Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The photo isn't an ad for Miller and Ben, but it could be.

Molly Sute performs Tip It at KAR, Milford, MI, Jan 2012

Nice photo of Molly in her snazzy new Miller and Ben jazz tap shoes.  We got them for her last Summer during our trip to NYC.

She was performing a tap solo at the KAR dance competition at Milford HS last Friday evening.   "Tip It" choreographed by Ryan Lohoff.. 

As cool and awesome as those shoes are, Molly is still the biggest star on the stage.

Update 12/25/12:  I thought I would add this picture to the post..

Ofer Ben, Molly Sute, and Avi Miller at Masters of Tap in Detroit, Aug 2012

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