Monday, May 30, 2011

Bill White, Neo-Nazi loser, takes his case to the American Free Press

You know every so often I like to visit the American Free Press site to read up on the latest conspiracy theories, anti-science blabber, end-times prophecy and of course to catch up on all the latest gossip about the Bilderbergers.  Its a crack-up kinda like the Onion, but technically it's not satire, so that makes it even funnier. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention that occasionally they devote space to defend Neo-Nazi white supremacists like Bill White.  This is rich..    Bill White, How I was Tortured, Told to Lie by the Obama regime

" In 2008, I was arrested because a federal informant—Harold Turner—claimed, falsely, that I was planning to assassinate President Barack Obama by detonating a truck bomb at the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, Va. I was never charged with this crime, however. Instead, I was charged with a series of free speech violations for publishing a website and magazine critical of the government."

Read through these links to get the real story behind Bill White's legal problems and the original complaint filed against him.

Rockbridge Report: Roanoke man's trial to tackle First Amendment issues    
United States of America vs William White (pdf)

Using his website to threaten and intimidate the foreperson of the jury that convicted his Neo-Nazi buddy Matthew Hale. Nice.  That's quite a fine young man the AFP is using resources to defend.   Nothing proves how much you love and are prepared to defend the US Constitution more than intimidating a juror.   And this..    

"... After my detention, I was tortured by the Obama government. Initially, I was held in a small room under a bright light 24 long hours a day and subjected to sleep deprivation. I was denied showers, a shave, even a toothbrush, and it was in this condition—dirty and half dead from lack of sleep—that I was repeatedly taken to the courts and paraded before the news cameras."
Yes indeed the news cameras were there.  Judge for yourself if you think his picture bears out his story of being tortured and denied of sleep, shower and a shave. Did Neo-Nazi White go too far this time? 

The site has a full archive of White's legal travails all the way back to his original arrest.  Dive in as deep as you like there.

So the AFP, a so-called American patriotic site that promotes the 9/11 conspiracy, anti-vax nonsense, the Obama birth certificate conspiracy, global warming denial, and vile Antisemitism also now features press release puff pieces scribbled down by convicted Neo-Nazi white supremacists.

If this is what the GOP wants to become, You can count me out.  

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