Monday, May 9, 2011

Osama's death makes Chomsky spew BS like a salad shooter.

Oh this is rich..  Noam Chomsky, genius, has graced us with his musings about the untimely sudden death and unceremonious disposal at sea of his favorite mover and Sheikh-er, the biggest hero of the American radical left (especially fat slob movie makers from Flint, Michigan), none other than Osama bin Laden. or maybe it's Usama, I'm not exactly sure.   Aesop first wrote his fable about sour grapes centuries ago and now Chomsky has updated the old story with a new twist: he replaced the moral of the story with a moral equivalency, written from the perspective of the downtrodden fox.

Here is the updated fable:  Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden's Death  A couple points with which to disagree..
 In April 2002, the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, informed the press that after the most intensive investigation in history, the FBI could say no more than that it “believed” that the plot was hatched in Afghanistan, though implemented in the UAE and Germany.
Using one 9+ year old quote to demonstrate that we still had no evidence tying bin Laden and Al Qaeda to the 9/11 attacks is weak tea coming from an intellectual claiming loyalty only to facts.  Apparently Chomsky hasn't had the time since August 2004 to read through the report from the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United Statesor any other of the information and intelligence that has been collected since. The 9/11 Commission's report made a myriad of connections between the 9/11 terrorist attacks and bin Laden's closest accomplices.  Chomsky is in full fact-denial mode here, what I would call being willfully ignorant.  I wonder who is his target audience here? The most brilliant man in the world feels compelled to write an opinion piece for ignorant dolts?  Or was it just a soothing eulogy for the pity party of super-elites like Chomsky who in light of the news of bin Laden's demise must feel like Princess Leia after having watched Alderaan get smoked by the Death Star.

In any case, Chomsky using a trick from Matlock's playbook to prove his client was innocent by uncovering the real culprit won't work with the jury this time.  He has gone back and forth between broadcasting fertilizer that the Bush Administration was the real culprit of 9/11  here  and trying to distance himself from the loons who actually believed him when he blamed Bush here .  It reminds me of the old 3-layered bulletproof criminal defense.  1) My dog didn't bite you because she is well behaved and would never bite anyone. 2) Additionally, my dog is always kept on a chain in a fenced yard. 3) Furthermore, I don't even have a dog.  If Chomsky had stuck with any one of the three he might still have some credibility.  But by using them all in an evolving defense for bin Laden he sounds more like Tommy Flanagan than Ben Matlock.

Back to Chomsky's other main point in pleading bin Laden's innocence.  The USA = The Third Reich. Only the names and dates have changed.
Same with the name, Operation Geronimo. The imperial mentality is so profound, throughout western society, that no one can perceive that they are glorifying bin Laden by identifying him with courageous resistance against genocidal invaders. It’s like naming our murder weapons after victims of our crimes: Apache, Tomahawk… It’s as if the Luftwaffe were to call its fighter planes “Jew” and “Gypsy.”         
Never mind that he's making shit up alluding to the Tomahawk tribe of Native Americans as victims of US atrocities, he probably just lifted that from Ward Churchill's thesis.  Here we have the world's most renown intellectual mashing up  Goodwin's Law with an ad hominen attack to form an argument.  A double-stack shit sandwich.  Why should we believe anything the USA says? After all, the USA names weapon systems like the Third Reich might have named their weapon systems if the Nazis had only been as diabolical as us.  Orly??  And I have to say, that is an interesting analogy coming from a holocaust denier like Chomsky.  Why would the Luftwaffe feel compelled to call a fighter plane "Jew".  Hasn't he flapped his jaws about how the systematic killing of Jews by the Nazis is a myth?

Actually Chomsky's logic defines a slightly different version of Goodwin's Law.   That the longer Chomsky attempts to formulate an argument, the higher the probability is that he will eventually make the point that the Nazis were not as evil as the shadowy neocon imperialist American military-industrial complex puppet government. 

This lame analysis from Chomsky is just another shovelful of dirt flying up out of the deep hole he has been digging himself into for years now. He started out with the premise that the USA and capitalism are the world's most evil entities.  Now in light of plenty of evidence otherwise thanks in part to Osama bin Laden's truncated mission to turn the clock back on civilization a couple thousand years, Chomsky sounds like a sore loser coach in a post game press conference blaming the refs, blaming injuries and the field conditions, etc, clinging to the fact that his team is actually the better team even though they got blown out .

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