Sunday, May 8, 2011

Elvis Sighting in Ohio?

I have private information that there has been a confimed Elvis sighting in a small town in Ohio a few hours from here. I am so confident in my source that I plan to make a recon mission tomorrow morning in a sweet new Chevy Cruze to see if I can locate him and take some pictures.  More to follow...

UPDATE:  May 08, 2011

The reports were true.  Here is a picture verifying that Elvis was in Medina Ohio this weekend.

That big dude in the red shirt is Elvis Grbac.  A legendary Michigan QB, so he rates for a post here.    Recruited by Michigan only because he happened to be the big giant guy who was handing the ball off to Desmond Howard in high school when the Michigan scouts came calling.  Elvis turned out to be a four-year starter at QB who appeared in four consecutive Rose Bowls with the Wolverines.

The event was the Under Armor combine at Medina High School in Medina Ohio.  Athletics at every level can be very competitive, but when a high school player's development can lead to league championships as well as college scholarships, then coaches and parents have a common interest to get the student athletes the best training available and immerse them in super-competitive environments to motivate them to try even harder. 

And the other good lesson for the 150 or so student-athletes in attendance.  Grade point average might just be their most important stat.    Unless you are 6'-4" and weigh 235 and hand the ball off to future Heisman trophy winners all the time and your name is Elvis.

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