Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama bin Laden allegedly killed by US forces in Pakistan. Update: W00t!

It appears the gig is finally up for Osama bin Laden. Its all over the news that President Obama will be announcing to the country tonight that OBL, the world's most wanted terrorist is dead after the result of recent US military action in Pakistan and apparently we have the body to prove it, so there! Boom done, game over, hope it was a slow end for him.    

If this pans out, this is great news for the USA and the civilized world in general. Congratulations to the fine men and women in the US Military for completing this key objective in the mission that started September 11, 2001. 

First he releases his Birth Certificate, now he's got the body of Osama bin Laden. Dang, President Obama is making things tough on the conspiracy theory crowd lately.

Brand new conspiracy theories about the killing of bin Laden launching in 4..3...2...1....

Update: 02MY2011..
The reports were accurate and Osama bin Laden is now residing at the bottom of the Arabian Sea with a few extra holes in his skull. I think this was the only option for disposing if his body without creating some kind of permanent jihadi shrine. Besides, its not like the world is unaccustomed to the idea of dumping trash in the ocean. BP, Fukushima, and now this. How much can our oceans take?  And yes, predictably the conspiracies have already sprouted.  My own made up theory is that Osama's body is actually now in deep freeze at Area 51 next to the aliens.  geesh.

 A few thought on this historic event.  This story points out that even though the USA may have a chaotic, fractured political divide, when it comes to facing outside threats our National priorities transcend internal squabbling. This manhunt spanned 10 years of political upheaval in DC, yet the mission kept progressing until it was finally completed.

It also points out we can't really trust anyone in the Pakistani government. There may be some Pakistani officials who were not aware of bin Laden's sekrit hideout, but its clear Islamabad can't rely on the official heirarchy for law enforcement. Or perhaps all cooperation with the USA is a complete sham. It will be interesting to observe the internal fallout if any over the insubordination within the regime in the coming days and weeks.

And a message to any sworn enemies of the the USA hiding out in the shadows or in plain sight. You shouldn't feel safe anywhere, ever. If the Commander in Chief wants you dead or incarcerated badly enough its just a matter of time till your mug is in the cross hairs and your safe house is reduced to rubble. Terrorize the terrorsists, its all they understand.

It was telling that the world's most revered jihadi was such a complete coward that he used one of his wives as a human shield in the shootout.  She was shot in the raid.  A true coward in every sense of the word.  And one might have thought OBL would have wired the place to blow up in case of a raid, but he was definitely not into the notion of being a martyr himself.  He saved that role for the dupes he attracted.

Congrats to the US Miltary for the amazing accomplishments in this long and bloody war against Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and terrorism of all sorts. The sacrifices were not made in vain.  History will look back at this era when civilization faced down and defeated the barbarians of entropy and ushered in a century of peace.  We can hope anyway.

Cudos to Presidents Bush and Obama for staying the course in a critical mission that was forgotten in the headlines long after its political shelf life had expired.  This is a great day for NYC, DC, the USA and for all civilization.

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