Friday, October 7, 2011

Everyone is a Tigers fan today! Except in NY

So the Tigers finished off the Yankees 3-2 in game 5 of their Divisional Playoff series tonight in the Bronx. W00t!  As I once told the kids on a team I coached years back, and you can quote me on this, "There is no finer moment in sports than seeing the other team cry in the handshake after the game."  ha.  So, enjoy Tiger Fan and Yankee hater alike.  Ding Dong the Yankees gone.  It took some luck of course, but this was an even series that went down to the last pitch.  The Yankees ginormous payroll only buys  them a golden ticket but it doesn't mean they'll win the whole chocolate factory.  Maybe thats a pretty good analogy for the Yankees.  Veruca Salt. 

I know the Tiger's Divisional Series victory made most everyone happy around here and I am guessing they raised a few loud cheers in Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and just about every other city in America.   All that payroll and they get bounced in the first round.  Like my buds Grip and Drae might point out... Money can't buy you love.

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