Monday, October 24, 2011

The incredible Amy LeVere

So this really cool guy from work Charlie sends out an e-mail a while back inviting his co-workers to go to a bar in Pontiac to see his daughter and her band play.  I had something going on that night, like pretty much every other night so I couldn't go, but I thought it was pretty cool that Charlie had a daughter who toured as a musician. I figured I would search her name on google and see what might be out there.

Turns out, she is an incredible talent. Beautiful and mysterious with a voice that she plays like an instrument in company with her acoustic stand-up bass. Throw in a bluesy Les Paul and some drums and get down.  How cool is that?   I like a lot of her music out there on YouTube, here is just one of them.   "That Beat (Keeps Disturbing My Sleep)"

I know I won't miss out the next time Amy comes to town. Good luck on the European tour..

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