Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights.. Son of Pathteacher throws 85 yard TD pass.

My son plays for Romulus Summit Academy in T-H-E Charter School Conference in Michigan.  Eight teams from Public Charter Schools in the Detroit area, seven which pool their students from the Detroit Public School system and us.  Six of the teams are comprised of 100% African American athletes and another from Southwest Detroit is predominantly Mexican American.  Our school is the only racially integrated school in the conference and actually one of the few high schools in the entire Metro Detroit area in which the student body is ethnically diverse.  I like that.  I think its a strategic benefit for kids in high school to learn to coexist and befriend all kinds of other people, not just their own.  The world is like that.  High School should be too.  

But anyway, it turns out its hell playing all these teams with the athletes from Detroit.  The top dogs, Chandler Park Academy and Michigan Collegiate are in the hunt for State Championships in their respective divisions.  They and each of the other teams feature 300 pound linemen and running backs with 4.3 speed.  But we have a decent team with a lot of senior leadership and Summit has managed to go 3-3 in conference play so far this season. They've already improved on last year's 1-6 league record and there is a decent chance they'll win out and get to six victories which will give them a berth in the playoffs here in Michigan.  

Go Dragons!

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