Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here is a cool gift idea for a Scrabble fan..

We are some Scrabble playing fools in my family.  I play every other day or so with my mom and whichever if any of my sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers-in-law or whoever else happens to be visiting her and dad when I stop by to visit.  Mom doesn't get around so well in her 80's but she can still figure out how to make two words and hit a triple word at the same time.   It is a very competitive group.  The games are friendly, but none of the 20 or so people in our unofficial Scrabble club likes to lose and any one of us can beat any of the others, if they get the right letters and words to build from on the board.  It is a game of skill, but luck helps.

The personalized board is the cool gift idea.  You pick out the words that will make the theme of the board.  Maybe its all the grandkid's names like the one we made in the picture.  Or maybe it will be a list of places a person has visited, or cars they have owned, or teams in their league or whatever else will strike a chord with them.

Then go online to one of the many sites that will help you create a crossword puzzle using the words you provide.  A Scrabble board is 15 spaces wide by 15 spaces high, so the crossword puzzle has to fit inside that grid, and of course the center tile of the board must be covered.  

Then go to eBay and buy a bunch of Scrabble letters.  Chances are, the words you want to include in your personalized Scrabble board will need more letters or a different combination of letters than what comes in the box new.  You can figure it out, or just buy a whole bunch of letters like we did.  I think it worked out to about a nickel per letter when we bought them in bulk from eBay.

Then all you need is a Scrabble board, the letters, the crossword puzzle layout from the website, and some Elmers glue.  Voila!  Its a cool and unique gift idea for that Scrabble fan in your family.

I hope someone sees this and copies the idea to make someone they love happy.  If you do send me a picture and I'll post it here..

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