Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There is dumb and then there is really dumb

I know this guy.  He was my son's football coach.  Then this happened. What an idiot.
Coach uses racial slur to motivate team.

I criticized his behavior at that meeting pictured above and his brother's behavior too.  They are Rob and Brian.  The Beaudrie Brothers. Hd. coach and Ass. Coach.  Pete and Repeat.  Jose and Hose B.  Frick and Frack.  Heckle and Jeckle...   So right on queue, the next day at practice, these two geniuses schemed to get revenge on me for speaking unkind words about them by targeting my son at football practice.  They strategically moved him from the starting quarterback position where he had played all season to offensive guard on a Wednesday with a must-win conference game coming up in two days. 

The scrimmaging at guard caused Dan to reinjure his lower back and it ended ended his season. He had struggled all year with recurring back pain from a stress fracture suffered in a football team weightlifting contest held back in the Spring.  Once he was injured the coaches lost their fallback plan of putting him back at QB if the sure-win game against Caeser Chavez Academy wasn't going as planned. 

Long story short, Summit ended up losing the game with the new kid at quarterback who had just one practice to learn the nuances of the "hike the ball and run for your life" offense that the Beaudries employ.  So Dan misses the last games of his career and the team misses what would have been a sure trip to the State playoffs.  Coaching FAIL.

Other than being a serial cheater, a vindictive jerk, a bad motivator, a shitty game coach and a poor role model, he is also a sub-intelligent self destructive egomaniac who threw the team's season away because he hates to be criticized more than he likes to win. 

It's way past time for the clown show to end.

Update.. A few weeks after I wrote this post the school announced Beaudrie had been terminated as coach and Athletic Director.

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